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Pastel Love #1 – Treat Yourself

I always knew that I could make custom-printed shirts and stuff on sites like Printful or Redbubble but I never really took advantage of it. Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time this holiday searching for the perfect shirts to gift people and the perfect hoodie to treat myself to. I didn’t care for most of the ones I found and it only just occurred to me that I could make my own.

So this was a design for an experimental Printful zip-up sweater. The left half and right half are actually separated by the zipper, there’s no background. The Japanese phrase is on the sleeve.

I’ve seen a lot of pieces that have cute messages in little MS Paint styled windows. So I wanted to add to that theme. 

The Japanese phrase reads, “Jibun o omoiyatte agete ne.” — 自分を思いやってあげてね — take care of yourself, treat yourself with kindness.

I feel like it’s a good message that I want to wear on my sleeve (literally.) If I like the print & material quality from Printful, I’ll put it in my shop. For the time being, this one’s going on the Redbubble shop for stickers & magnets and whatnot. :3