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Daily Speed Sculpt – 03/12/2022

Another one hour sculpt today. Actually had time to do a little more significant coloring on the model. I learned how to do alpha brushes last night and made a neat one that helped me sculpt and paint hair much faster so that saved a lot of time.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try and have a character reference picture and like… try to sculpt a fanart piece for practice. This model is no one in particular, but she reminded me a lot of tech demo Kara from DBH about halfway through, so I just kind of went with that vibe and did that pixie cut.

Maybe I’ll do a DBH themed speed sculpt tomorrow? Either that or Valkyrie Profile. Too stoked for it again after hearing about Valkyrie Elysium. I’ve been waiting for that series to either get a new sequel or a reboot since, god, 2015 maybe? 2014? I can’t remember when Covenant of the Plume came out, but it’s been a hot mintue.