catching up with 2022 art / 12h sun

I wasn’t on social media a whole lot in 2022. I spent most of my time working on Blender and picking up 3D art and my brain was pretty fried on that, lol. I think my sudden sharp turn to “hi, i’m a hermit, please do not percieve me” was really peaking at that time, too. Whenever I made any art last year, I only really posted it on private twitter and shared with like, maybe five close friends. I’ve been meaning to try and climb out of that and get back into posting stuff online and socializing with people. It was a weird phase, I guess. Happy to say I’m feeling better these days, in the mood to be far less introverted.

By the end of 2022 I wound up with a lot of unreleased stuff for the Stellium project and half a draft for Nice Ghosts, lmao. Will I ever post any of it? Who knows. I think I’m still mentally like… only one foot out the door, one foot still stuck in the dungeon or something. I will say that taking that much time away from social media was actually healing af, though. I recommend it extended breaks away from it to everyone, especially if you’re feeling any kind of creative burnout. Having a few close friends to share stuff with in a private space was probably the most healing part, too. Anya always cheering me on was seriously the wind beneath my wings. Now, every time I draw Dave, I’m like, “this one’s for you, Anya~!”

Casually out there just restoring my HP, man, saving my soul, bless. <3