Twitter Artdump 07-23-23

I’m really bad at collecting all my stuff in one place. RIP instagram. It tried. I don’t know why I don’t just upload everything there first or something. Going to try and back up certain art tweets & stuff here going forward since it seems like either I just lose stuff in a sea of forgotten urls or socmed platforms just go down left and right. ;_;


Was looking for a tweet from last year on my priv twt and came across this WIP saying how every few weeks I’ll open this one up to add like (2) new lines then not touch it for another few weeks. It’s been 14 months. (I was being honest at least.) Think I found my project today.


Reid’s betta fish hair is honestly so satisfying to color.


Hhhhh… first time (?) posting any of the music I’ve made outside of priv twt. Nervous but need to not be nervous, hgghggh. Bringing it with a quick portrait of Ash from β€œNice Ghosts” done in Procreate. Music is her theme, β€œAshoun” made in GB.


Working on a Something in the Dirt fanart. I kinda want to make a fanfic or something for it where someone sees the documentary and gets all like, β€œwhat really happened to Levi Danube?” & goes down a hashtag-savelevi rabbit hole or smth, idk.


Character sheet for Ash. <3 She and Rielle are both fans of Tracy Gomez’s band, β€œVoid of Course” and probably got their swag at the same show lol. Crossed paths without knowing. They don’t meet till Stelliumβ€”Nice Ghosts ends where Stellium begins.


Been sitting on this sketchy thing since April, when @SpoopyKiwi got me into Project Zomboid. Her character, Wren, got munched by some zeds earlier on and dropped a rare, high-power weapon called a Comically Large Bic Pen (she has a collection.) So she went back to retrieve it.

I made my character after Reid at the time because he was relatable af (he and Linden are my characters who don’t like to fight, they fk right off and nope out.) Zeds were scary back then, idk, man. So Wren was driving, we stop in the middle of this horde-infested road in

Muldraugh and she gets out of the car like, “My BIC PEN!” and so she goes running after it. I just… sit in the car and this horde just approaches. The driver’s side door has no gd window. We can’t have anything in Kentucky.

[ eats granola bar faster. ]

(We lived tho)

Every now and then, I think about Reid in the car, squeezing his eyes shut and just making the most obnoxious, screechy, falsetto wailing through a mouthful of granola bar, like, “HHHHHHGNNNNGNNNNHHHHHHHUGHHGHHHH ;;;;;;;——-;;;;;;” He is so stressed in Zomboid.


Still a work in progress, but he is coming along. ;w; I only just realized how lopsided that horizon line is holy shiiiiiit… i promise this isn’t going to end with a dutch angle, i swear, i wouldn’t do that to ya’ll

i’m screaming i had to google ‘dutch angle’ to make sure that was the term i was thinking of and google DID THAT.