coming out of being a hermit, then suddenly suspended lmao

Twitter really told me, “No. Get your ass back in the hermit corner, introvert (derogatory.)

Kinda really sucks though. Not a lot of my friends have bluesky yet and invite codes only generate once a week. T___T

I’m thinking the thing that got me suspended was a tweet about Project Zomboid and finding a dead player body. I’ve heard that Twitter’s suspensions get handled with keyword scraping/searches… which is why you often see people coding words like ‘dead’ with ‘unalive’ or ‘d3ad’ and like… I always thought they were being overly-cautious & doing the corporate sanitization thing but. Yeah. I’m sure it was that… I haven’t had any negative interactions with anyone, so I can’t imagine someone got mad at something I said or did and made a false report on me or something.

I’ve also heard that a bunch of accounts are randomly waking up to suspensions this morning (as bird app launches its rebranding.) So some people might just be getting caught in some crossed wires as the site updates with new branding and probably updated rule/TOS criteria. I guess we’ll see if the dumpster fire just gets bigger as “X, Day One” carries on.

I dropped an appeal in but I’m not going to hold my breath. I’ve seen people get suspended for mysterious/unknown reasons and just never get their accounts back… so there’s a chance that this might just be a sign from the universe to ditch the bird app entirely.

I might just be more active on bsky instead or something going forward, but idk. Sigh. I was following some really cool people on twitter, too. 🙁

I'll probably be moving over to bluesky after all this, even if my account gets unsuspended.