new chapter drop (nice ghosts #01)

I listened and wondered if she was sleeping, too, like everyone else. This massive, beautiful being that everyone had always told me about. β€˜The ocean, the ocean’ you know… I’d never seen her before. It was dark when we got there, so… I wanted to see what she was like when the sun came up. I wanted to know if she sounded different, if she moved different, if she spoke another language… I couldn’t sleep that night, I was just so excited to meet her.

[ read: you’re always nice ghosts #01 ]

I still need to finish like some kind of intro or landing page for both Stellium and Nice Ghosts, but I’ll get around to that eventually. I used to have a whole-ass tumblr just dedicated to Stellium art/writing but good lord, navigating old tumblr archives is not fun times. Take the W, self. Just getting back into the habit of posting the stuff I make somewhere is a good step.