Twitter Artdump 07-31-23

A not-so-organized dump of art and music I’ve posted this week.

Forever ago I followed this artist who would do daily “What I Wore Today” drawings and I think about it so often. I don’t always wind up with outfits that just flow well, I kinda just throw on the first gabs from my dresser. Yesterday, my fit just… made me happy. :’)

Unwinding with my noodle bois.

Experimenting with a few new procreate brushes, painted an Ash.

music & video

A beep-beep. โ™ซ For Stellium. “The Days Before the Fire” I feel like I need to post 12H Moon again for context because it’s using part of Dave’s theme, lmao. If I can dig it up again I might link it idk.

Reuploaded 12H Moon to go with the last Stellium beep beep โ™ซ. I feel like I had another version of this that didn’t sound so midi, but… ah well. It’ll turn up. This is what I meant when I said “The Days Before the Fire” uses some of Dave’s theme.