new chapter drop (nice ghosts #02)

The downpour outside his car rippled down the driver’s side window. Like waves. Thick, clear waves. The glass is rippling. Reality is a picture on that glass. Rippling. Nothing’s supposed to exist on the other side. This glass is just an image. Rippling. Over there is elsewhere.

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Finally got some writing in yesterday and moved the story along…

Made a chapter index that still needs some work. It’s coming along at its own pace. I know some folks kind of balk at content/trigger warnings, but please do use them, I don’t want to accidentally trigger anyone without warning. T-T

I probably should have mentioned with the first chapter post that this is a psychological horror story that plays with dream themes and unreality. I forgot that not everyone reading has been around since the Stellium days and are aware of that lore’s genre & content. Nice Ghosts takes place before Stellium and the parallels between Reid & Linden from the GN chapter are intentional. They’re both going through the same shit. Bless these poor boys, they are going through it.

I should probably post that GN chapter for Stellium at some point, lmao… that… that should probably be my next post, I don’t even know why I’m still sitting on it like I’m afraid to show it anywhere.