stellium: void of course

read: [ stellium: void of course / 24 pgs, mature, psychological horror ]

Content Warnings:
Stellium: Void of Course is a psychological horror short intended for mature readers. Trigger warnings include mental illness, derealization, unreality, hallucinations, paranoia, substance abuse, and cannibalism.

Finally posting this comic on main, lmao. I kinda almost posted it a few months ago on tumblr but wound up deleting the site I had it on. Originally, this was going to be the first chapter of Stellium but I’ve decided at this point to package this as it’s own short story that takes place a couple years prior to the events of Stellium.

My plan was to do the whole comic in 3D but lately I’ve been feeling more like I’d rather just draw it or even do the series as an anthology of mixed media stories (some written, some drawn comics, I might even do another 3D comic like this again at some point.) I still have the urge every now and then to do a short RPG Maker game in the vein of Fear and Hunger for this series so I figure… I should just… not set any expectation for consistency lmao.

Just let the ADHD win this round. The stories will happen how they happen, I guess.

This story is going to drop in whatever medium it feels like dropping in at the given moment. Will the next chapter be a comic? Written prose? A series of microblogged shitposts? Your guess is as good as mine, baby. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that if I try to force an entire story to fit into one medium, the whole thing nopes out so we’re just rolling with the punches at this point.

So anyway, this is Stellium: Void of Course. I’ll be working to add more Stellium content soon! Enjoy!