my main gorl in zomboid

Been playing on LittleFlame’s Iron Man zomboid server and the load-in message always stands out so much. SpiffoGoneWild started as a joke character and now I kinda love her. She’s my Main Gorl when I play lately.

Some OC Lore: She goes by “Spiffo” because she had a spiffo doll on her backpack when she met with other survivors. They called her “Spiffo Girl” and eventually “Spiffo” & she never corrected it. The nickname stuck. When asked about her real name, the answer’s dif. every time.

She’s somewhere between 21-23 and attended the military academy in March Ridge prior to the outbreak. Not sure if MR’s academy was air force or not, but I’m gonna go ahead and say she was AF as a mechanics specialist. Fell into AF due to disciplinary recs in her late teens. Punk.

It was basically either juvi or military route to clean up her act and she only picked the military academy because she figured it’d give her better hotwiring & jailbreaking skills. Her priorities never really changed she’s still a little shit. Pure ODD.

Despite a shitty behavioral record with authority, she’s actually pretty friendly. She’s just a dumbass.I want to say she’s a Leo or a Virgo. Maybe Virgo Sun, Leo ASC, and Aquarius Moon or something.

When the knox outbreak happened her only priority was getting to West Point to find her little sister. I’m torn between her story being “find the little sister” or the bereaved, “she found said sister but was too late, now she’s just trying to survive/not get her ass got.”

Either way, the spiffo doll on her backpack that becomes her namesake belongs to her little sister.