Forgot I finished this yesterday and never got around to posting it. Debating whether or not to make it an Evigilarisona OC or just let her be her own evigilari. I’m always on the fence about having sona characters, I never keep up with them. Maybe I’ll just make her an OC lmao~

Actuallyβ€”I think I’ll just make her an OC but just -allow- her be the one that I say is most like me to the point of -almost- being a sona character. idk what her name is yet tho lmao sorry bout the monster tiddies.

Growing up in the human world is probably why she’s so much smaller than most other evigilari, esp since the lady evigilari tend to be so much bigger than the other gender evigilari (tbh she might be the ambiguously gendered type, which could be why she’s smoll.)

She just minds her own. She’s a “pescatarian” evigilariβ€”she doesn’t eat her own species nor does she eat other creatures unless they’re fish. Expanded Evigilari lore: this was actually the traditional diet of evigilari on their home world, they only ate from the sea before they started traveling to other worlds and developed a taste and cultural acceptance for hunting other living prey. rip tho the cannibalism was also still instinctual lmao so I’m guessing the ones who refused to partake in that were sorta like their cultures’ ascetics in some way.

Other notes, she is a sweetie and doesn’t like violence. If she ever were to meet Linden or Dave she’d probably be pretty protective of them. She’d probably only be able to handle them in small doses tho lmao. Linden can be screechy and Dave can be… uh. Dave. IYKYK.

Sadly, I’m p sure she doesn’t have a living twin (as evigilari are born in pairs) β€” not sure if the twin just fked off when they were young or if the twin was killed though. More likely the latter since twin evigilari don’t tend to split up for anything. Still gotta dev.