just sitely things (hopefully mobile view is fixed)

Spent most of yesterday updating the theme to this site because I need a little more minimalism in my life. Found a nice theme to start with but when it installed, the mobile version was absolutely bonked and the typography overall was just not my aesthetic. So that was a whole rabbit hole of html/css/js tinkering that took it out of me yesterday, holy goddamn. It’s like if I don’t do any html/css for a couple of months my brain just dumps it all to make room for more zomboid junk lmao.

Mobile view should be better now, it took me a minute to remember how the @media rule worked. It needs some cleaning up still, I’m sure (the navigation menu can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be at the top of the page or the bottom and I still need to poke around in the theme’s files to figure out what’s moving it around.) Apologies in advance to any readers who are exclusively viewing from mobile.

The written chapters (Nice Ghosts) should be viewable just fine now, hopefully. The “Void of Course” comic is the only thing that can’t really adapt to optimized mobile viewing because it just wasn’t made with the intention of being viewed on a small screen. At some point I might make a mobile-compatible version (something like the way webtoons handles panels) — I feel like I actually did have a version of it where the panels were divided up like that at one point but I’ll need to find it on my hard drive.

Going to try and get more of my artwork and writing up on this site, I have so much stuff from that year I took off of social media to post and so much stuff from 2018-2021 to post in an organized manner.