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  • 6H Mercury In Gatorade

    6H Mercury In Gatorade

    Or, “Wow, I’m Inconvenienced AF & Cannot Stop Sneezing But I’m Not About To Tempt Fate Here.“ I’ve been joking that I’ve got the post-con flu because everything started going downhill around the end of LunarCon. LunarCon brought the whole con experience for me, from cosplay to long lines to the “hanging out with friends […]

  • Eight Years in Eorzea

    Eight Years in Eorzea

    Or, “Wow, I really have had a fantasia problem this whole time!” Recently, I realized that September 11th is the FFXIV anniversary date on my oldest character. It’s crazy to think that FFXIV has been in my life for eight years (technically more than that, as I did have a character from that short, free […]