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  • Daily Speed Sculpt – 03/12/2022

    Daily Speed Sculpt – 03/12/2022

    Another one hour sculpt today. Actually had time to do a little more significant coloring on the model. I learned how to do alpha brushes last night and made a neat one that helped me sculpt and paint hair much faster so that saved a lot of time. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try and have a […]

  • Daily Speed Sculpt – 03/11/22

    Daily Speed Sculpt – 03/11/22

    Bear with me, I only just learned how to make turnaround gifs. I might not post these every day because lol, I’m awful at keeping up on my own blog but my realistic goal right now is to drop one every now and then. I feel like the first one is kind of significant? Something […]

  • Pastel Love #1 – Treat Yourself

    Pastel Love #1 – Treat Yourself

    I always knew that I could make custom-printed shirts and stuff on sites like Printful or Redbubble but I never really took advantage of it. Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time this holiday searching for the perfect shirts to gift people and the perfect hoodie to treat myself to. I didn’t care for most […]

  • A Challenger Appears

    A Challenger Appears

    I actually remembered to post to my blog before other social media first for once! Still just crazy inspired by other vaporwave-themed art and making a bunch. I kind of want to make stories for these characters…

  • A Lil Bort

    A Lil Bort

    Out of context, I don’t think this is very spoilery? I’ll avoid naming her for those who still need the surprise (and will probably post the full thing after the 1st, but even then, it shouldn’t be too spoilery.) Just a WIP. Of a lil bort. ♥