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  • 2021 Art Reflection

    2021 Art Reflection

    Or, “Wow, I Really Need To Organize Better Next Year.” This year was a mixed bag as far as making things goes. I think I started off the year inching into a creative drought. I was really into this personal project of mine and I think my art leveled up a lot from those months, […]

  • Aesthetic Shifts

    Aesthetic Shifts

    Or, “Everything Is Pink Now & I Do Not Know How This Happened But This is My Life I Guess.” I want to start by saying that I have absolutely nothing against the color pink–I actually really enjoy it and love how all over the place it is in pastel aesthetics. I’ve just always been really into neon green and electric blue.

  • Old Home

    Old Home

    Been too obsessed with the vaporwave aesthetic lately (specifically pastel vaporwave) so… expect everything I make to be vaporwave-inspired or themed. The kanji in the background is “故郷” — furusato, or, hometown. More in a sense of a childhood home, something nostalgic of that sort. It felt appropriate, considering Emet-Selch’s attachment to Amaurot (or the […]

  • Vapechefant


    My new year resolution is to actually post more art and art-related stuff here. A second resolution is to have more process videos for my art. I had stopped for a long time because I felt like it was bogging down my ipad. After cleaning out the storage a bit, I think recording went smoother, […]

  • 6H Mercury In Gatorade

    6H Mercury In Gatorade

    Or, “Wow, I’m Inconvenienced AF & Cannot Stop Sneezing But I’m Not About To Tempt Fate Here.“ I’ve been joking that I’ve got the post-con flu because everything started going downhill around the end of LunarCon. LunarCon brought the whole con experience for me, from cosplay to long lines to the “hanging out with friends […]